Power of fantasy
September 28, 2016
by Jack L. Kennedy

Close your eyes. Fantasize. Try fantasy for fall.

No one stretches and adorns that literary genre better than Jim Webster, pictured, who in two new paperback novel versions, The Flames of the City< and Learning a Hard Trade (Andrews UK Limited) gives many the feel of living in the past through the reading of fantasy books. The common characteristics of the polished prose are valor, heroism, danger fear, and a compulsion to take risks for the greater good.

Characters roaming about the mythical countryside, rescuing damsels in distress and vandals or barbaric trickery, may remind many readers not of a fantasy world, but of ancient history, days of old when knights were bold. Emotional, outgoing,colorful souls abound in the two books, as they make and break relationships and try to maintain their sense of physical, or mental, direction. There are proud musicians to be found along the highway, not just ruffians.Tests and surprises often are around the next bend in the rough and rutted road. Learning how to become a good knight takes rigorous on-the-job training.

Olde English teachers will even find intellectuals, and a discussion grammar in the well-woven Webster writings.

Asked about his motivation and relationship between the two books, Webster tipped his cap to a famed American author. John Steinbeck, who once said, "I just opened the book and let the stories crawl in by themselves.” He wanted to keep the reader caught up in the tales, he said. “There may be an element of darkness in them.”

Uncertain frontiers with a challenging mix of folk are everywhere, in reality and fantasy, the Webster words remind us.

Author:Jim Webster

Title: The Flames of the City
Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: AUK Authors; Standard ed. edition (June 3, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1785382225
ISBN-13: 978-1785382222

Title: Learning a Hard Trade

Paperback: 196 pages/Publisher: AUK Authors; Standard ed. edition (June 3, 2015)/Language: English/ISBN-10: 1785382233/ISBN-13: 978-1785382239

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